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“I'm on a mission to help 500,000 UK Ethnic Minorities into employment. Who's with me?”

Tobi Ogundipe, Founder, DIVERSE.

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Your current approach is attracting the same demographic of candidates from the same Universities every year.
Quickly access diverse talent who have received careers support
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Hire more diverse teams in just 3 steps

Brands like The Science Museum, UNiDAYS and American Express have hired diverse talent using our Community Recruitment Method
Step 1: Unlimited Job Postings

Add unlimited early-career and junior roles to our job board for employers committed to DE&I.

Step 2: Careers Events

Host careers events alongside us to engage with the top diverse talent.
Show up and we do the rest.

Step 3: Recruitment Marketing

We'll promote your roles to our diverse community via our engaging weekly newsletter and directly contact the most relevant candidates.

We've even partnered with Stromzy & Adidas...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is your community made up of?

Our community consists of over 7,500 Black, Ethnic Minority students and graduates many of whom are from low-income backgrounds looking for early-career roles, entry-level and junior roles with employers who are focused on and committed to diversity and inclusion.

What types of roles are they looking for and where?

The candidates in our community come from a wide range of degree backgrounds and are looking for roles across the UK. The most popular career interests are: Business, Finance, Marketing and Tech.

How do candidates find out about DIVERSE.?

We regularly host virtual careers events to help candidates in areas such as networking, CV and Cover Letter writing, interviews and Assessment Centres. We also work closely with Universities and support their BAME careers programmes. On top of our community helps to refer new members and we share lots of helpful content and resources on social media.

How effective is the DIVERSE. job board at helping employers hire more diverse young professionals?

Our job board and marketing channels help employers get through to a diverse community of young job seekers quickly. We've helped major brands such as WarnerMedia, Capital One, American Express and UNiDAYS significantly increase applicant pool diversity and hire talented individuals from our community.

Case Study: Attracting & Supporting diverse talent with UNiDAYS

"Wanted to let you know that I got the offer from UNiDAYS yesterday! Honestly don’t think I could have done it without your encouragement and advice so thank you."

Digital Marketing Assistant, UNiDAYS


Background: UNiDAYS aimed for a gold standard in diversity and inclusion by attracting under-represented candidates and supporting their career growth, partnering with us to achieve these goals.

Collaboration: We advertised UNiDAYS' junior positions on our job board and promoted them in our newsletter to our diverse community. We also hosted series of online careers events.

Hiring Results: While other sources may have generated a higher number of applications, our candidates excelled in the application process resulting in all positions were being filled by 8 ethnic minority candidates from community, leading UNiDAYS to give us early access to future junior-level positions.

Mentorship Programme: We coordinated a three-month career mentorship programme, connecting nearly 100 young people with UNiDAYS employees for virtual mentoring.

Impact: This collaboration allowed UNiDAYS to positively impact the lives and careers of under-represented young people, providing them with valuable knowledge, skills, and connections. UNiDAYS also gained a diverse and talented workforce that enriches company culture and fosters innovation.

Case Study: Diversity in Tech with American Express

"Huge well done to you for referring some amazing people – they are literally amazing! Thank you for going above and beyond to help us with our recruitment goals."

EMEA Campus Recruiter, AMEX


Background: American Express aimed to attract and hire more Black and ethnic minority junior candidates for their technology roles, partnering with DIVERSE. to reach this goal.

Collaboration: American Express advertised 10 roles on our job board, including Graduate Project Manager, Software Engineer, Technology Graduate, Customer Service Intern, and Technology Intern. We promoted these positions within our diverse community via email and SMS

Hiring Results: Our job board outperformed the conversion rate of other partners, resulting in 6 hires from a diverse mix of candidates, many from low-income backgrounds.

Impact: The DIVERSE-American Express collaboration demonstrates the effectiveness of targeted job advertising in attracting and hiring diverse candidates, particularly for technology roles which historically struggle with diversity.

Case Study: Increasing Black representation in Football with adidas & #Merky

“On the pitch, we do our thing. But off the pitch, it’s like we don’t exist. That’s all about to change.”


Background: #Merky FC Football Careers is the first initiative from the collaboration between adidas and Stormzy, aimed at creating leadership opportunities in the football industry for the Black community. Adidas approached DIVERSE. due to our expertise in helping Black young professionals into employment.

Collaboration: We influenced the strategy of the programme and manage a community of Black candidates under 24, regularly providing them with career support via chat and virtual group sessions. We then created an innovative and inclusive recruitment process, filtered applications based on potential, and conducted first-round interviews before connecting them to roles in top football organisations.

Hiring Results: Our efforts successfully connected candidates with organisations such as Sky Sports, Manchester United, Fulham FC, GOAL, and LADbible.

Impact: The #Merky FC programme has helped to raise awareness for this issue, breakdown barriers, change perspectives and created valuable careers opportunities to young Black professionals.