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We've already helped your competitors hire diverse talent

Big brands like BlackRock, UNiDAYS, Science Museum, Warner Bros. Discovery, Capital One, American Express, Brainlabs as well as lesser known organisations like Bryter and The Sanger Institute have all hired from our community.

Without changing any hiring processes.

We've created a careers community full of hard to reach diverse talent so you don't have to

Our talent pool consists of a mostly Female audience of Black and Ethnic Minority students and graduates many of whom are from low-income backgrounds.

They're generally from UK Non-Russell Group university and have the potential to help transform your organisation - all they need is opportunity.

We understand it's hard to find time for recruitment marketing so we do it for you

As soon as your jobs go live they'll immediately be seen by our under-represented talent pool.

We proactively market the roles on our job board in our weekly newsletter to drive event more interest.

But that's not enough! Sometimes your job roles can be complex and hard to understand or maybe your great benefits are hidden in the job description.

That's why we highlight the best bits and explain your roles simply to candidates in an engaging style through our newsletter.

And yep, there's more. Each month we run free careers sessions for under-represented candidates to educate them on job applications and performing well in role. Here we'll also shout out your roles to candidates live.

We offer free careers education to under-represented young people

Many of the candidates in our community are the first in their family to go to university in the UK. They don't have extensive networks and are often unsure of where to start in their careers.

That's why we help them by providing free careers education such as online events, podcast episodes, mentorship opportunities, guides and short videos.

With our help, they're in a great position to be successful in your application processes.

We obsess over finding relevant under-represented candidates every day

Our community loves supporting our mission and regularly refer their mates on campus to join in too.

We work closely with selected universities who run careers programmes for Black and Ethnic Minority students and graduates.

We work with influencers who help us reach new audiences.

We regularly host careers events to provide free support and bring new candidates into our network.
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