🟦 Graduate - Mobile and Networks Software Engineer

Job description

You’re not just looking for a career, you’re looking to make a difference.  

Millions of people rely on us every day to help them live their lives, power their businesses, and keep their public services running. We connect friends to family, clients to colleagues, people to possibilities. We keep the wheels of business spinning, and the emergency services responding. And we use the power of technology to help solve big challenges, like climate change and cyber security.

From day one, you’ll have a voice at BT Group. You’ll get stuck in to tough challenges, pitch in with ideas, make things happen. You won’t be alone: we’ll be there with help and support, learning and development. You’ll make great friends, discover new talents, and feel part of something exhilarating.    

This is your chance to make a real difference to the world. Grab it.  

📱 About this role

Our Mobile and Networks Software Engineering Graduate Programme will give you countless opportunities to approach new challenges and develop your technology skills. The work you’ll be doing bring services to our customers, which range from FTSE-100 giants, to you at home.

As part of this programme, you could be placed in a variety of teams across our Mobile and Networks structure – from our Broadband devices and applications tribe to our Mobile Cloud Infrastructure team. Regardless, you will be providing analytical and innovative input to design, development and support projects. You’ll cover things like designing, developing code, testing, documenting and operating of our infrastructure and solutions. You will be involved in the delivery of ‘full stack’ software – this could range from frontend portals, mobile applications, embedded firmware, middle-ware to backend. We’ll help you develop your knowledge of the software development lifecycle and give you the chance to put it into practice. And of course, this will all be done following an Agile way of working.

To succeed, you’ll need to demonstrate your passion for technology, in all its forms. You’ll develop your ability to be able to translate complex ideas to our customers, as well as your business acumen to see valuable opportunities when they arise. You will build relationships with a network of experts whilst working in teams, as well as gain valuable insight into customer experience and impact.

This job is available in the Networks part of our business and is a non-rotational role.


Ipswich, Belfast, Bristol, Birmingham, London.

🗓 Duration

Two-Year Graduate Programme.

✅ Entry Requirements

A 2:2 degree (or higher) in a STEM subject is required for this role.

🚀 About BT

BT Group is the global powerhouse behind EE, BT, Plusnet, and Openreach.  

We value diversity and celebrate difference. We’ll encourage you to be yourself, whatever your background. As Philip Jansen, our CEO, says ‘We embed diversity and inclusion into everything that we do. It’s fundamental to our purpose: we connect for good.’

Whichever brand you’re working for, we’re all playing for the same team. And we all enjoy the rewards of being part of something bigger: the opportunities to explore new experiences, pursue different dreams, climb challenging career ladders, and try out different ways of working.  

We’re always looking ahead. We don’t just sell broadband, and networks, and security, and thousands of clever things you’ve never heard of; in our Martlesham labs, we’re inventing the technologies of the future.  

Four brands. One team, 100,000 strong. Together, we’re connecting the world. Come and play your part in building the BT Group of the future, one that will be net zero by 2030.  

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